Tiber river

May 6, 2016

The Tiber is the third largest river in Italy. I stayed in Trastevere so it was mandatory to walk around and cross some of the ancient bridges that are pedestrian only to get to the other side of Rome.

The river itself is murky and full of thrash. The surrounding walls are full of grafitti and dirt. I saw joggers and cyclist along the river but not enough people come here. I wish the City of Rome can clean it up and revitalize this area. Imagine having a picnic along the river or having chairs where you can sit and just enjoy the view.
James Bond should have landed here and cleaned up the river instead of fighting his enemies.


  1. Agree with you! The river WILL definitely look sooo good if they just try to clean it and develop it! This can even be a potential tourist destination!

  2. Looks so beautiful!



  3. Hahaha James Bond should also stop making such boring films! The last one my dad fell asleep in the beginning, woke up later and said, "he's still fighting the same guy?". Ahh I remember that little island thing last year and thought it looked like a cuban havana type thing. :P

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. Yeah the last one was a snoozer!

      Are you planning to go to Cuba?

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