What I Ate: Dar poeta

January 8, 2016

I read a lot of good reviews of Dar Poeta Restaurant in Rome. I knew it was very close to my B & B accommodation but I didn't know it was literally at my front door. Such a pleasant surprise! I arrived just after lunch in Rome and I was pondering if I should eat at Dar Poeta but decided against it. I wasn't thinking clearly. I needed to get bearings so I went to a different restaurant.

I went back to my hotel and took a nap. When I finally woke up, it was raining hard so I decided to go to Dar Poeta for convenience. Snapped the last table on the main floor and enjoyed a superb pizza! I can't even remember what I ordered but it was delicious and the wine was fantastic!! 

There was a group of girls that came in solely for ordering the pizza filled with nutella. I didn't have room in my stomach for that. It was HUGE! 

The key to getting a table at Dar Poeta is going off hours or pretty early for dinner, otherwise, prepare to line up and wait for awhile.

I ended up going here 3 times!!! It was really fun to sit on the patio with pizza and drinking wine. La dolce vita!


  1. Dar Poeta sounds like a good place to eat, we have a favorite pizzeria in Rome, last time we visited the city we ate there twice. so it's completely understandable that you went 3x!


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