Campo de Fiori

March 9, 2016

Apologies for my silence. I was away traveling in Asia and I just returned. It feels so good to be home! I usually hate coming back to Toronto but this time I could not wait to be back to my house and bed. I had some unfortunate events happen to me while I was away and I'm still recovering from it. Everything is ok but I have suddenly lost my interest in being online so much. I'm slowly getting back to my normal routine and trying to catch up on my blog reading. Hope that you are having a great March so far!

I'm going to share more posts from Italy...

The best part of walking around in Rome is finding places that you are not even looking for. Case in point Campo de Fiori market. While walking to get to Piazza Navona, we ran into the market. It was raining so we did not stay for too long. I just walked around the market to take photos.

I expected the market to be bigger in size but I guess space is a commodity in Rome. The statue of Giordano Bruno will watch over you while shopping. The market sells fresh produce, flowers, clothes/accessories, and pasta's.


  1. Oh I hope you're okay, sorry to hear there were some issues on your trip :(


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