Namsan Tower

November 9, 2015

Every Korean soap opera show that I watched in the past had a scene in Namsan Tower so of course I had to go there and see what the fuss is all about. And the plus side is seeing the panoramic view of the city. Ended up doing a bit of hiking up the hill to get to the cable car. I was struggling going up those darn stairs. Hard work! 

I ended up having lunch at the restaurant in the same building as the cable car. I was so famished after climbing up the hill. Ate more than I should and then took the cable car up to the tower. 

I was greeted by a lot of "love locks". It was insane. I don't really care for love locks, I find it too cheesy and personally too much.  And I have no love for selfie sticks either.

Complaining aside, I concentrated more on the view of Seoul.  I loved looking at the different parts of Seoul from the top. Realizing how big this city is! I wish I had more time to come here at night. I'm sure the view would be even better when you see all the lights in the city.

I hope you have a great Monday!

Some links for you: 
-I have been trying the KonMari method this weekend. I went a little crazy folding my socks by following the method and it really works!

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  1. Oh wow that's an awesome view! I love the red leaves as well. Haha so many love locks, did you hear about the bridge in Paris where there were so many love locks the railings collapsed?

  2. Yes I read about it. x I don't really see the point of love locks. It get's to a point that it's too much.

  3. So beautiful, those locks! OMG!! Great photos XO

  4. Great pictures!! Love those locks!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. all the fall leaves are making me fall in love omggg

  6. oh my gosh. namsan tower! i think i've been there as a child but don't remember much of it. :) the leaves are gorgeous~


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