The World

November 15, 2015

*painting by Lawren Harris at the Art Gallery of Ontario

I could not sleep last night, I kept thinking about the attack in Paris. I had so many thoughts and emotions going through my head. I was sad. I was afraid. I was anxious. I was thinking about the people who lost their loves one and the people who lost their lives in this gruesome attacks. I could not phantom what they must have gone through. It's disheartening to know that many evil people can just take away lives quickly and easily. 

I was thinking about not just praying for Paris but for the world because we are all affected by violence now. No matter what type of violence; it exists all over the world. How can this be the new reality? When did we become like this? 

There is no easy answers but religion and politics should not be the cause of war and violence. I don't know why we can't all co-exist in peace and respect each other. 

One of the reasons why I travel is because I want to educate myself with our world, cultures, religion, etc. I travel for education. I travel to open my eyes in our differences. And travel has taught me to be tolerant, to be patient, to be respectful, and most of all it has taught me that we are all the same no matter what religion, colour, and race. 

I am praying for the world. 


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