La Fortuna Waterfalls

May 1, 2014

Part of our itinerary was visiting Las Fortuna falls. The entrance fee was $10 usd and you must be able to traverse the 480 steep steps down to the waterfalls. It's not an easy task. I was so afraid going down the steps because it was narrow and uneven at times. Also, it was under renovation while we went there.
Going down the stairs was really scary but thankfully it's under renovation so it won't be too scary once it's done. I had to hold on to the railing and sometimes there isn't one. Thankfully my bf is such a gentleman and he was holding my hand because he knew I was silently freaking out. It was worth it once you see the majestic falls.
It was breathtaking to see this!
The water was really cold but a few people braved it and swam around.
This is on the other side of the falls. You can tan and have a picnic here.


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