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April 15, 2014

After living in Toronto for 17 years, I have forgotten to explore my own city. I have my own work-home routine that I barely explore other neighbourhoods. I usually blame the weather. When it's winter, I don't like to go out especially when it's freezing and walking around to explore is unheard of. I like to be cosy and I tend to go to my usual haunts.
But spring and summer time is the best time to explore my own city. Long walks around downtown to get inspirations, to try new restaurants, and to re-visit old haunting grounds. I used to frequent the AGO before the new renovation. I was an avid art history student and I always found art as therapy. It was my outlet when I was in high school when I was insecure and confused.
After highschool, I was lucky that my part-time job was walking distance to the museum. I would come here often even on my lunch hour just to browse around the gallery shop. I would buy myself postcards and dream about going to Paris. This where I used to daydream about becoming an artist (haha!).
Two weeks ago was a perfect spring Sunday. I wanted to see the Francis Bacon and Henry Moore exhibit so I took A with me to the gallery. I love the renovation that Frank Gehry did. It's so breathtaking. The AGO feels more open and fresh.
I love all the curves and the lines! and of course the light filtering through.
Henry Moore has a permanent collection inside the gallery. I have been admiring his work when I used to frequent the gallery. It's amazing to see the collection in a new light now that I am much older.
This staircase is the piece de resistance in this building. It's simply beautiful! 
I really loved this floor to ceiling window shutters
A little Rodin - The thinker
Wall to wall paintings. The very top with the four ladies painting reminds me of my sisters and I. Four Maria's.
One of my favourite paintings. The details in this painting is stunning. 
This man stood in front of that Picasso painting forever. I found it inspiring.
Hello Pablo! 
Expect to see more posts of my Toronto exploration. I can't wait to re-visit old spots and hopefully new places.


  1. Such a lovely museum! Your right, we definitely forget to explore the cities we live in! My friend is visiting this weekend and one day we are planning on going to the old city and just exploring! xx

  2. The AGO is so wonderful. I was fortunate enough to have a class there in my final year at UofT, and it was literally perfect. We got to sit in front of art pieces and discuss them with our professor.


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