Arenal Hanging Bridges part II

April 12, 2014

Continuing on with our hike from the Arenal Hanging Bridges (Part I can be found here). Each bridge has a different variation of elevation. If you are afraid of heights then I do not advise to go on this hike. I got scared when more people would walk with us on the bridge. It would sway a lot more and I just prayed that it's sturdy enough for all of us.
To take my mind off thoughts of falling down, I concentrated on the view instead. We saw a lot of flora and fauna during our hike.
Cool looking red ants
Flowers everywhere!
Sturdy cables
The few times that I looked down..scary ;)
Long walk to the end and the bridge was swaying a lot. I couldn't walk fast enough to the end
Cool looking tree
The waterfall. This is actually quite small in comparison to the La Fortuna Falls which I will post soon
At times, the trail can be very narrow and rough
At the very top of the jungle while on the bridge
Can you spot the other bridge on this picture?
Spotted: a teeny tiny bird's nest
The clouds was slowly lifting off to showcase Arenal Volcano

Banana tree!
The hike was amazing! I truly recommend this tour. I would suggest wearing comfortable footwear preferably running shoes. No sandals or flip flops please. Bring water and snacks. Wear comfortable clothing and apply bug spray before you go. The view is absolutely magnificent! It's worth sweating it out for 2 hours.


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