La Fortuna, Costa Rica

March 21, 2014

La Fortuna is a small town very close to Arenal Volcano. It has small shops, restaurants, bus station, banks, and grocery stores. It's a busy town packed with tourists who are all there to see Arenal volcano.
We were greeted by this view on our drive into town. This reminds me of Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, Philippines.

We stayed in a hotel along the main road that leads in and out of Arenal and La Fortuna. I loved that we were centrally located (we had a grocery store, shops, and restaurants around the hotel) but the downside was the constant noise from morning to night. Thankfully, I can pretty much sleep through the night even with blaring car noises. 

A little walk through town for lunch and having a gelato while browsing around souvenir shops.This is the main square in La Fortuna.

I have this slight obsession with wood furniture and this shop pretty much fulfilled my dreams but alas, I can't bring it home with me. My grandmother had a similar rocking chair at her house and I used to sit on it every time I came to visit. I really wanted to take this home if only it could fit inside my suitcase. The shops were all locally made and I was delighted to meet the store owners.


  1. Wow, looks incredible. Hand carved wood furniture is the best!

  2. Gorgeous town, with the volcano in the backdrop- breathtaking. And that wooden furniture!! I hope I make it there someday, so beautiful.


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