El Coloso Restaurant

March 31, 2014

I rarely eat fast food at home. I prefer cooking or eating healthier meals but this restaurant was recommended to us by Rebecca. It was literally a 1 minute walk from our hotel. We love to try local food especially when it's recommended by a local so we had to give it a try. 
We first went there at night for dinner and we ordered chicken and pork fajitas. It was really delicious but people flock to this restaurant for one reason only - fried chicken and nachos! I wanted to wait until the next day to try it as I didn't want to eat greasy food before going to bed. I was drooling though every time someone ordered the fried chicken. The restaurant is always busy. Truck drivers would stop and get the fried chicken to go because it's conveniently located on the main road. 
The next day, after a 2 hour hike, I was ready to eat the fried chicken. Nothing like a glass of coca-cola to quench my thirst. It was a super hot day and this was heaven. 
The long awaited fried chicken was worth every bite. It was too much for me to finish this serving. It came with two pieces of chicken and nachos. It was very very good!
One of our late night snack was nachos.  I usually order nachos at home when I go to a pub and I usually get a big pile of nachos and all the toppings piled high in the middle. I usually hate it because I can never get the toppings on each nacho but this was perfectly made. Each nacho was covered with toppings and guacamole. It was expertly prepared and delicious too! 

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