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March 18, 2014

Sometimes, I develop strong connections to places I travel to. I first felt that about Spain. Every time I went there I just felt at "home". I think one of the reasons why is because I usually stay in an apartment and I get to shop for groceries and cook just like at home. At the same time it extends to much more than that. I feel at home because of the people, the general atmosphere, the food, and I just feel at ease. Last year, when we crossed the border from Spain to Portugal, I was weeping in the car because I didn't want to leave. It's that bad for me when I leave Spain. I have separation anxiety. 

Last night, I had dreams about Costa Rica. I woke up feeling panicked and I felt like booking the next available flight out of Toronto to San Jose so I could come back. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Costa Rica. I was so happy there. The weather was glorious. The people super friendly. The food was amazing! I got to eat all my favourite fruits. I walked around only wearing shorts, shirt, and flip flops. I was happy being at the beach. Being near the ocean calms me. I've always been drawn to water and I can feel myself automatically relax when I'm near the ocean. 

I can't explain how hard it is for me to leave those two places that I can now call home.  I literally feel like my heart is being ripped out every time I leave. 

My mind is already planning another escape to Costa Rica next year. 

Have you ever felt this way? 

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  1. I feel that way about Mexico and Puerto Rico. But I am convinced I would feel that way about Spain! It is totally next on my bucket list.


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