What I ate: Cuba

November 22, 2013

This was our room service meal one night. Our resort spoiled us with delicious foods! A lot of people complain about food in Cuba but what I can say is we had no problems at all. I've been to Cuba 3 times and I always had good food. But then again I don't stay at resorts that are less than 4 stars because I know the food/selection will be better the higher the stars. I usually go to the grill to get the fresh fish and meats. 99% of our lunch meals was at the pool grill and it was the best. We had delicious paella, skewers, hamburgers, chorizo, chips, etc.

We had 2 a la carte restaurants at our resort for dinner and you can order room service so we had no complaints at all. We had a lot of variety so you can never go hungry unless you are super picky! 

The room service was divine. We had the meal above complete with wine. The soup was fantastic and the lobster was really really good! 


  1. SO JEALOUS! that looks delicious!

  2. I love lobster. This looks amazing to me!

  3. I don't think everyone can beat the Cubans in terms of their passion for ice cream (not even the Italians). Coppelia, the nationalized ice cream chain, is practically in every city.
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