November 18, 2013

After almost one year of not having a beach vacation, I decided that it was long overdue and booked a one week trip to Cuba. Mexico was great but Cuba always felt like my home away from home. It reminds me so much of the Philippines only much much closer! I really wish Philippines was only a 3 hour plane ride away. I think I would go back almost every week if that's the case.
I have been to Varadero twice and I wanted somewhere different. We ended up deciding to go to Cayo Santa Maria. We flew to Santa Clara and took a long bus ride (1 hour and 40 minutes) to our resort.

We spent one week doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. It was a welcome change from being plugged in 24/7 and working. We had no wi-fi at the hotel and the only time I used my phone was to check the time. 
We spent most of our time on the beach tanning. We we're lucky that our resort was secluded and we could walk along the beach without encountering anyone. I felt like I was in a deserted island and pretended to be a castaway for a few minutes ;)
We had a couple of mangrove trees along our resort. The water was very shallow and we could see a lot of fish and other sea creatures when we took walks on the beach. I always find water to be therapeutic and a cure for my mind when I feel too overwhelmed. This trip served it's purpose and I really relaxed with no timetable or schedule to follow but the rising of the sun.
I hope you all had a great weekend and please help if you can :)


  1. Ahhhhh that sounds lovely! I'm so glad the trip successfully relaxed you!

  2. so beautiful! so nice that it's so close too!

  3. yeah beach vacation!! they are the most relaxing i think!

  4. beautiful! i just went on a tropical vacay too- to hawaii :) such good stress relief, yah?



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