October 10, 2013

After visiting Antequera, we decided to also visit Ronda. It took about an hour to drive there and after getting lost a little bit we found our way to the town. The ride was dizzying. We had to go through the mountains and I just remember feeling so dizzy from all the turns. I tried to distract myself by filming the road but I'll save you from watching the dizzying-vomit-inducing video. Ronda sits on top of mountains as you can see from the photos below.
looking down from the lookout point
Ronda is famous for its bridges and bullfighting. But we came to see the famous bridges and views. Out of the three bridges, we ended up going to Puento Nuevo (new bridge).
so scary to look down!
We lacked the time to explore Ronda thoroughly but we managed to get a glimpse of the town, the famous bridge, and we had a drink before driving back to Malaga before sunset. Would be too scary to drive along the winding mountainous road in the dark.

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