September 30, 2013

After visiting the big cities in Andalusia, we decided to visit a smaller town called Antequera. It was very close to Malaga so we had no problem driving there. Parking was a breeze and we stopped by this empty church to look inside.
No matter how many churches I have visited in Europe, I still get curious when I see one so I always go inside even for just a minute or two.
The town was empty. I think we visited on a weekday and everyone was either at work or in school so the streets were quite empty. I liked it that way. I could take pictures without getting photo bombed every second.
Walking up the hill to get to the Alcazaba
Loved all the little streets and white houses
Panoramic view of Antequera
Next up, visiting the Alcazaba of Antequera!


  1. So beautiful! And you're right, weekdays totally prevent photobombing.

  2. wow, beautiful pics!

    xx, christie

  3. Christine, how pretty! I adore the church. I do have to admit that I'm kind of a scary cat and get that eerie feeling when all the streets are empty, though. But then again, it's nice not to be photo-bombed for once. :)


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