Granada: The Alhambra

September 16, 2013

Another day trip we took was to visit the The Alhambra in Granada. I have seen photos of this place from bloggers and I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see this amazing place in person.

Getting there was easy. The highways in Spain are amazing and we didn't get lost but I had problems when we got to the ticketing booth. I tried using my credit card to buy the tickets and it was declined. I was panicking about it when we decided to go to an ATM instead and withdraw cash so we can buy the tickets. We had to search for the bank and when I used my debit card, it wouldn't work again. My bf ended up taking money and it worked for him. I was so angry with my bank for the mix up that it took me awhile to get myself back in a good mood. 
I heard that during the summer months, you have to purchase your tickets in advance as it gets sold out quickly. We were lucky to get our tickets for the same day. They have limited tickets that they sell to enter the Nasrid Palace. And you have to line up at the entrance with your allotted time to enter the grounds. The line was long when we got there.
It worth all it once you get inside because the whole palace is sooo beautiful! Amazing details in each corner from floor and ceiling.
My jaw dropped when we entered court of the lion. Stunning! I felt like I entered another world.
My next post will be all the about the details inside this magnificent architecture. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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