Jeronimos Monastery in Belem

March 18, 2013

I've been so excited to go to Belem even before I landed in Lisbon. Once, I settled in and my jet lag was almost gone, it was time to take tram 15 to take me directly to Belém (be sure to have lots of coins before boarding tram). It didn't take long to arrive in Belém and my first stop was the Jerónimos Monastery.
I love the façade of the monastery. No wonder it's a UNESCO world heritage site.
The interiors was even more amazing!
The tomb of navigator Vasco de Gama
Royal tombs with two elephants holding the sarcophagus.
Outside the monastery is a beautiful garden

The fountains in the Praça do Império
I was surprised that a small place like Belém had a lot of buildings/monuments for us tourists to explore. Up next is the Tower of Belém.

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