Belém Tower

March 21, 2013

After visiting the monastery, it was a 10 minute walk to Belém Tower. The tower sits on the Tagus river and it was built as a defense system. The tower is four storey high and made in lioz limestone. The circular stairs inside the tower is very steep and I had to carefully watch my step going up and down the stairs. I was too scared to trip and fall to my death.
Interior casemate of the main bastion with the canon
The statue of the virgin of Belém on the southern portion of the cloister terrace

25 de Abril Bridge from the window inside the tower. The bridge was made by the same company as the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Twins!!!
I really enjoyed exploring the tower and I felt like I stepped back in time. And just like the monastery, the outer façade details are just so breathtaking.


  1. i'm dying to go to portugal! it looks beautiful. yes i've been to morocco, i'll post on it after Thailand :)

  2. Wow that is crazy, the Golden Gate bridge's twin! Wow, great photos (as usual)! :)


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