Gelato in Rome

January 12, 2016

I had this mission to eat gelato every day while in Italy! No matter how many calories; I wanted to try different gelateria's to taste different flavours and variety. So, without further ado, here is the list I visited in Rome.  Also, I always ordered my gelato in the smallest cup possible so I wouldn't feel guilty. I must say the prices of gelato in Trastevere is also cheaper than in the centre of Rome. In Trastevere the small gelato cup is around  €2.  But of course it was cheaper in Naples for €1.70!

Gelateria Alla Scala  -  (Via Della Scala, 51, Roma) My first gelato in Italy. I picked fruity flavours - lemon and strawberry. You can really taste the flavours of the lemon and strawberry.

Fior di Luna -(Via della Lungaretta, 96, 00153 Roma). This is my absolute favourite gelateria in Rome. The first time I came here, I ordered the pistachio flavour and it was to die for!!! I have never tasted pistachio that way. It's my favourite flavour but no one does it justice except Fior di Luna. I ate the gelato so quickly! 

The second time I ordered persimmon and pistachio! 

La Giulietta -(Borgo di Santo Spirito, 11, 00193 Rome). This was my well deserved treat after the Vatican museum. I was so tired that I needed something sweet to perk me up (excuses!!). Hazelnut flavour gelato for the cure. 

Il Gelatone - (28 Via dei Serpenti, 00184 Rome). Found this place while walking on a side street to see the Colosseum. So happy I went in and got myself a cup of crema and nutella flavour. 

Gelateria Regusto -(Piazza San Giovanni della Malva, 9, Trastevere). Look at that cup overflowing! Really generous servings! Got my pistachio flavour and I can't remember the other flavour...mmm..But nothing beats Fior di Luna pistachio. 

Grom gelato -Termini Station (lots of locations). I was waiting for my train to Naples when I killed time by eating this. Made the mistake of ordering the whipped cream. It was disgusting and expensive. Just get the gelato and skip the cream. I ordered the pistachio and tiramisu flavour. 

Mission Accomplished! Let me know your favourites in Rome. I might come back just for the gelato ;)


  1. Love your blog Christine! Now I'm craving for gelato. When we were in Rome Vinny ate gelato in every corner. One of my best memories with him!

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  3. BEST MISSION! I need gelato now.

  4. Seriously one of the best parts of Rome! We were there in the high heat of September and there was NOTHING better. :)

    <3 Have Ashley, Will Travel


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