What I Ate: Nagoya, Japan

February 16, 2022

Let's talk about food! Japan is my mecca for food and the first meal we had after our long journey from Toronto to Japan was fried chicken wings! We went to a karaage restaurant next to our hotel. And of course we had drinks. I ordered whisky highball. 

Since, I'm a morning person, I always wake up before my husband and instead of me searching for breakfast alone in Japan, I usually buy cup noodles so I can eat my breakfast inside our room. Our hotel didn't have room service. 
Misokatsu Yabaton! This was highly recommended by a friend and when we passed by the restaurant with no lineup, we quickly decided to have an early dinner here. Pork cutlet with miso sauce. Soo good! 
Expensive but worth it for the taste. Japanese strawberries are the best!
Ichiran was next to our hotel, we absolutely had to eat here and it's worth the hype. 
Another must visit chain restaurant for me is Coco Curry. I never leave Japan without eating Japanese curry. And since, I'm very clumsy when I eat, I had to protect my white shirt by wearing a bib. It's a good look.

We also ordered kaarage and fried gyoza ;)

Another day, another ramen. I can't remember the name of this restaurant because it was a random place. My husband dragged me to a soccer store and made me walk miles to get there. And he proceeded to try on a million shoes.  I was hangry by the time he finished buying shoes. This was the closest place we could eat in before I turned into a monster. 
Ramen was delicious and so was the gyoza so he was forgiven for starving me. He was not harmed. 
Ice cream treat for me. 
A little blurry because we went to a random izakaya. We could not read the Japanese menu but we had a nice server who helped us figure out what to order. We ended up ordering chicken, pork and liver skewers and some meat stew especially for my husband. 
Last meal in Nagoya. This was at the airport. It was my birthday and this was our lunch. I love tonkatsu and the cabbage salad in Japan is unreal. It's nice and sweet. 

I miss my hometown Nagoya. I always feel at home in this city. I can't wait to come back. 

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