Megalochori, Santorini

December 29, 2019 Santorini, Greece

My apologies for the lack of update here, I have been busy taking care of my baby (yes, I had a baby this year) that I completely ignored this blog. I wish I had more time to update but babies require a lot of attention and care :) 

I'm hoping to slowly ease into a new normal where I can also update here from time to time. 

2019 was a no travel year for me. I had plans to take the baby with me to travel after 6 months but I cancelled it because I was not mentally prepared to have anxiety in another country. Just thinking about the travel logistics made me want to stay home. So, I did. 

Let's see how brave I get next year. I really hope to take her somewhere. Well, it's really more for me than her at this point. I'm craving to get out of Toronto. 
I still have more stories and photos from my past travels that I never posted like this one from Santorini. We rented a car for one day to drive around Santorini. Our first stop was the Megalochori village. It's a very quiet village as compared to Fira and Oia. They do have a handful of shops and taverna's. 
We went here very early and it felt like it was just us walking around the whole village. We did see some shops that were open for business. One place in particular was the shoemaker. We watched him make shoes and had a chat with him about the island. I ended up buying sandals from him. 
The blue and white everywhere never gets old. I loved exploring this empty village. No photo bombers ;)
We found a "cave" to explore.
It's basically someone's basement in this case. 
It was cold and dark inside. Felt like I was inside a cellar.
It was a welcome relief after sweating outside. No need for air conditioner in the summer. Just stay here and you can keep cool during a very hot day.
The main plaza in the village where they have restaurants.
I loved exploring this peaceful village. I felt like I stepped back in time where people still grow their own produce and live in their own clock.

I wish you all a great New Year filled with love, happiness, and good health! Happy 2020!!

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