What I Ate: Hong Kong Part I

August 25, 2017 Hong Kong

One of the first breakfasts I had in Hong Kong was dim sum of course ;) It was so close to our hotel and I was hungry so we sat down and ordered a few items on the menu. What I loved the most was the pineapple buns. It was still hot and really delicious!
One of our friends took us out to a cafe for lunch. I was starving and decided their is nothing else I wanted to eat but good old fried rice! I love my rice and it was absolutely perfect! 
My boyfriend ordered noodles and our friend ordered this giant toast that was filled with cream sauce and seafood. He loved it!
And because I had a bit of sore throat, I ordered lemon tea ;)


  1. I wish I had dropped by earlier in the day, because now it's midnight and I'm craving dim sum LOL! That toast bread bowl thing looks intriguing, but I'm more of a tomato sauce person than a cream sauce. I wonder if it'd work well with marinara sauce too? :D

    1. So sorry for making you crave dim sum in the middle night.
      I'm sure marinara sauce will work well with the seafood.

  2. Are those prawn dumplings? Ahh reading your blog made me really crave for dimsum & chinese food! Everything looks yummy! ❤️

    xo, lianne mac


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