Hong Kong Skyline

August 19, 2017 Kowloon Public Pier, Hong Kong

I'm back to share my trip from Hong Kong and Philippines last year.

It was my first time to visit Hong Kong and my boyfriend went there a few times already so he was my guide for this trip. We landed in the morning and by night time, he took me out to see the skyline of Hong Kong. We walked from Causeway Bay to the ferry terminal to take us to the Kowloon side. I can't forget the humidity in Hong Kong but the breeze was nice once we boarded the boat. Watching the skyscrapers illuminated with different colours was breathtaking!
Once we got to the Kowloon side, it was picture taking time.

I was really laid back on this trip and didn't cram a million things to do. This was just a few touristy things we did in HK, the rest of the time we spent wandering around with our friends or eating. It was perfect for me!

I didn't expect to love Hong Kong but I was completely charmed. The food alone is a reason for me to keep coming back there.

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