15 Random Obervations of Seoul

February 4, 2017 South Korea

It was my first time visiting Seoul in 2014 and I made a list of random things that I saw/experienced. You can read about my random observations series here.

1. Coffee shops are everywhere. Everyone is caffeinated. 
2. Using a credit card is widely accepted (not in Japan).
3. The streets are louder and more lively.
4. They start drinking early and you can find drunk people walking even at 5pm. 
5. Cheap beer and even cheaper soju at $1. 
6. Of course Samsung is everywhere. From flat screens tv's at the airport to cellphones.
7. Super spicy foods.
8. A very modern city in touch with technology.
9. Super high speed wi-fi's. 
10. They work very long hours!
11. Lots of outdoor markets for food, clothing, accessories, etc. 
12. More people can communicate in English.
13. Skincare and make up stores are everywhere. 
14. And so are plastic surgery clinics and advertisements for it. 
15. They have showers only instead of having a bath tub.


  1. Seoul sounds really interesting. I didn't know it was surrounded by mountains like that!

    Jane / deluminators

    1. Yeah I didn't either until I got there. Pretty interesting!

  2. I need to make it out there one day. I don't know why I never have any motivation to travel there, only when I was a student and now I'm just very nonchalant about visiting :[

  3. Point 13, indeed, I was super surprised even deep deep under the ground (subway stations) they still have Skin Food, Innisfree, even Laneige!

  4. LOL yes there are coffee shops everywhere!! I absolutely love this about Seoul because there are so many cool cafes with chill vibes. I do want to point out though, that there are bath houses in Korea. It's true that some apartments (the older/smaller ones) don't have bathtubs but every apartment I've lived in has had a bathtub ;)

    1. It must have been my bad luck because I stayed in a new apartment via air bnb with no bath tub :(


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