What I ate: Okonomiyaki

July 30, 2015

I have never had okonomiyaki before and I had it on my list to eat for my Japan trip. My lovely friend Keiko took us to a restaurant in Osaka to try it. I was ecstatic! 

The restaurant was along the Dōtonbori canal. It had the perfect view for lunch. Okonomiyaki is like a pancake. You can have different varieties. We had meat, seafood, and veggie okonomiyaki. It even comes in different shapes - you can order a heart shaped one! 

Our server cooked our okonomiyaki for us. He was amazing! and even used the magic mayo to draw characters and write to us in Japanese. Talk about service! 

We capped off our lunch with ice-cream of course ;)


  1. Don't you know that food is the key to my heart? I've never had okonomiyaki before either, but this post is making me crave it. Looks so yummy and your server was awesome. Ice cream is always the way to go <3

  2. Ooh I've never had that either. I will make sure to give that a try on my trip to Japan!

    1. Definitely! I had a list of food to try when I went to Japan :)

  3. The funniest thing - I was first introduced to okonomiyaki by watching Ranma 1/2 and always wondered what it tasted like. Definitely want to try if we ever make it to Japan :)


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