Nara, Japan

June 9, 2015

Jumped on the train for a day trip to Nara. It's one of the oldest cities in Japan. I was so happy we made a trip here even if only for the day. I loved walking around in Nara and going inside the different shops.

I never heard of pressed sushi until we were in Nara. I saw shops in Nara selling it. I was curious to try it so we went inside a shop and we got a free tasting and tea! It was amazing! I had the mackerel and it was delicious! I loved the presentation of the food while it was served to us! Only in Japan. We ended up buying a box of mackerel to take back to Osaka with us. 

Nara has tons of deers roaming around. It was insane! But you have to be careful because they can get violent. I kept my distance while getting my photo taken. You will see stands to buy biscuits for the deers. I was tempted to buy it but decided against it after watching people getting swarmed by the deers because of it. I didn't want to get attacked. The deers really loves biscuits but they are very aggressive so just be careful! They will follow you and try so hard to get those darn food!

We witnessed a deer stampede while walking around. You will see signs everywhere cautioning tourists about the deers. At least, the antlers from all the deers have been removed so it's a lot safer!


  1. I would totally go there for the sushi and deers. I can't believe you got to stand so close to them! It's crazy. I've never seen deers so calm around humans. They're always running away when you catch a glimpse of them in the burbs of Toronto and here in Illinois.

  2. the deers are used to tourists and if you have food the better because they will follow you around.

  3. So beautiful! Would totally love to be up close to deers as well! :)

  4. I absolutely adore Nara. I'd love to visit is again soon. I love how you captured the energy in these photos too :)

  5. It has been said that the deer were so polite as they looked bowing. But they are just asking for food anyway. Next time you try bowing them, they will bow you back as well. lol.

  6. oh it's so hard imagining deer can be agressive! they just look so cute and tame hahah

  7. Yangkyu and I definitely wanted to go here to see the deer :)


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