What I ate: 100 Yen sushi

June 25, 2015

I love to eat and my all time favourite food to eat is sushi! Japan is a mecca for foodies. My friend Keiko was nice enough to take us to a 100 Yen sushi restaurant. It was the best because they also had the rotating sushi! 

I was famished after spending the whole day in Nara. We went to Kura Sushi in Osaka. Each plate was 100 Yen with some plates being more expensive but those are marked differently. It was such a fun experience!! and so cheap as well.


  1. What a delicious trip!! Can't wait to visit japan one day!

  2. 100 yen sushi = what I lived off of in Japan.
    It's the best! :D

  3. OMG... looks so delicious. I also love those plates!

  4. This looks so good and so fun! I think I'd definitely fumble to get the sushi out though, haha.


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