Nagoya & Castle grounds

February 6, 2015

The main reason I visited Nagoya was to visit my dear friend Keiko. We took the shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya where she met us at the train station.
Nagoya reminds me of Toronto. It's definitely quieter than Tokyo. Wider streets and less people. Everything was bigger in Nagoya including our hotel room and for a cheaper price than Tokyo.
Our first day consisted of walking around Nagoya and raiding another Uniqlo store.

We got up early the next day to go sightseeing with Keiko. She was our tour guide in Nagoya. She took us to Nagoya castle. We took the subway there and after exiting, we met a very energetic mochi vendor. He was so charismatic that we bought mochi from him. It was delicious!

The grounds of Nagoya castle is extensive and we found smaller exhibitions housed in old buildings and an outdoor bonsai exhibition. More on that next.


  1. Nagoya looks so wonderful. I cannot wait to finish med school and my training so I can have enough free time for trips farther away. Amazing!

  2. Beautiful! Nagoya looks perky and so inviting! Love the architecture!

  3. So nice that you got to see a friend and explore together!

  4. What a beautiful castle. It must have been a nice change of pace to be in Nagoya after Tokyo.

  5. The culture in Nagoya has been said that was unique. Not like Tokyo as east, not like Osaka as west. It's nagoya. Come to nagoya and eat more food again!


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