Muji Japan

February 19, 2015

I've been to Muji in Europe and I didn't quite get the craze until I went to Japan. The Muji stores in Japan are huge and it has everything! From food to furniture to stationeries. I went crazy looking at the whole store. Not every item is affordable but I love the simple aesthetic of the products. I especially fell in love with the bed above. Let me tell that I haven't sleep so well in any hotel rooms than in Japan especially the hotel we stayed in Nagoya! I love love the mattress that I slept like a baby most nights. 

I wanted to take the bed with me from the above photo. It's what I am looking for in a furniture. Simple, sturdy, and clean design plus it's very comfortable. I could have slept inside the store if I could. And don't get me started on the duvet. 

To console myself, I went to the stationary department and went crazy over pens instead. I know get why Torontonians are hoarding pens from Muji Toronto. The store is always empty because of serious hoarders. It is minuscule compared to the stores in Japan and lacks the furniture department. I hope they can expand and carry more items so I can finally have my dream bed. 


  1. i love muji as well. when i used to live in new york it was always a store i went to and splurged :)

  2. ive never been to any muji store wow i like that they look environmental friendly! i have tried their fried rice cake tho while in singapore it's so good i keep wanting more!

  3. I've never heard of muji but it looks nice from the photos, and it looks like it would have things i would want :]


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