Tokyo: Asakusa part II

December 11, 2014

Toronto is currently getting a whole lot of snow today. My commute was long this morning. It's looks so pretty with the snow but hell for any commuters today. I was in my own world during my commute - I listened to music and thought about Japan. I've been thinking of Japan all the time lately so it's only fitting that I post more of my trip. 

Part I of Asakusa can be found here. We found a quieter part of Asakusa just by walking a couple of meters off the main temple. The smaller temples are less crowded and more peaceful. The garden was so pretty! Definitely my favourite part!


  1. I am sort of jealous of the snow. I know I wouldn't be if I lived in it! Asakusa looks so lovely. I love all those vivid reds!

  2. True! These temples and gardens are so pretty! A delight for photo enthusiasts.

  3. Luckily I managed to go here in Asakusa on our last day even if I was limping from sickness. I have wanted to see the geishas here as well but had to let go of the idea as I was really tired and needed to go back to the hotel.

    Dutchman and I love Japan, we are going back.

  4. looks and feels so peaceful. :)


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