Hello Japan!

November 17, 2014

Where to begin?

I guess, I can start from the plane ride to Tokyo. We took a direct flight from Toronto to Tokyo via Air Canada. Almost 14 hours straight. And I got sick. It was a horrible experience. I blame it on the plane food and motion sickness. I threw up twice and I do think that planes should have thicker sick bags. I had to double bag mine after my first mishap. Gross. 

I was thankful for the lady sitting beside me because she was so understanding and even helped me by giving me paper towels soaked in cold water so I can put it on my neck and feel better. I love the generosity of strangers. It gives me a warm feeling that nice people still do exists after all.

I didn't eat much after that except for some plain crackers and ginger ale. I didn't have any appetite so when we landed in Narita I was hungry. I had to hold off on eating though because we had to take the Narita Express train to Tokyo and that took over an hour.

On the train, we bought some snacks and water to drink. I ended up just watching the night view outside.

We arrived in Shinjuku station confused and jet lagged. We didn't know which station to use to get to our hotel but we found an information desk and got it sorted out. Shinjuku station is ginormous! It's all busy and packed with people. The temperature inside was cranked up to warm and I was sweating inside. I don't know why it was so hot when the temperature outside wasn't even cold yet. I wanted to take my clothes off, lol.

It was a maze inside the station, trying to get to the subway line to our hotel. We had to walk a lot, take a lot of stairs/escalators just to get to our line. The subway map of tokyo looks like a spider. It's intimaditang to say the least. My bf is an expert in navigation so he took over and I just followed him.
We got to our hotel in one piece. We stayed in the Hatagaya area which is not far from Shinjuku but it was quieter. We loved it! It was quiet and full of little gems in our area.

After checking in and dropping off our bags at our hotel, we searched for food. On our walk to the hotel, I noticed a ramen restaurant 2 minutes from our hotel and I knew that's where I wanted to eat.

I don't know if I was just hungry (after not eating for 10 hours) or what but that was the best darn ramen I've ever tasted in my life. It was so good. So heartwarming. I was so happy! and yes I was starving so I ate everything including the rice and a few gyoza. It was Aaa-ma-zing!!! The name of the ramen restaurant is Hidakaya.You're welcome.

I still think about that meal. In fact, I have dreams about it.


  1. Oh my goodness- so sorry you got sick, that sounds awful! That ramen does look pretty good though. I can't wait to hear more!

  2. oh so sorry that you got sick! and thank goodness for kind strangers. they always make my day. so glad you got to cap the whole thing off with a nice warm bowl of ramen. hope you got lots of rest to start your adventures in japan! :)

    1. Thanks Jane! A nice bowl of soup always helps when I'm sick ;)

  3. Oh it is a rough trip, isn't it? I felt so ill last time too, it's way to long to be sitting in a cabin. Glad you felt okay shortly after though, ramen cures anything!


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