Windmill Island

July 29, 2014

Windmill Island felt like a small Dutch village. The buildings, windmill, shops, and what they sell inside the shops is an homage to the Dutch culture. Even the staff are dressed in traditional Dutch costumes. It was very interesting to observe how a small town in the United States looked like a little European village.

We took a tour of the windmill and got the history behind it. The materials for the windmill came all the way from the Netherlands and the miller even received her training there and learned how to speak Dutch as well. The flour that they make is sold inside the shop.

In summer news, I finally had the time to go camping with my friends. We spent a couple of nights outdoors building fire, eating a lot, and enjoying the summer weather! 


  1. I can't believe how much this looks like Holland! wow!

  2. Wow, this does look a lot like the Dutch countryside.

    Great images.

  3. Oh wow! Beautiful photos! I would love to go on vacay there someday. Definitely adding Windmill Island to my travel list. =)

  4. so adorable here. it reminds me of solvang out in california. i had a chance to go there and had a great time. :)


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