Pure Michigan

July 2, 2014

We decided to take our spring road trip this year to Michigan and then to Chicago. My bf suggested we go to Holland, Michigan. After a google search, I realized that we will make it to the tulip festival. If I can't make it to The Netherlands, I might as well go somewhere that's close enough. Five hours by car!

I was excited! The last time I went to a tulip festival, it was in Ottawa and that was a disappointment. I didn't see field of tulips like I envisioned but small patches of tulips. Not worth the drive for 3 hours.

The tulip park above was a accidental find. We were looking for parking and bam! Tulips everywhere. It's free so we stopped and I took gazillion photos of course! I love the varieties and all the different colours of tulips. 

Now that's what I call a tulip festival! 


  1. Wow this looks so nice!!!!! I've seen all the commercials for Michigan, good to know it is just as lovely in person. :)

    1. Yes it is! I actually saw the ads when we came back from our trip.

  2. look at those flwoers!! so beautiful


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