August 27, 2013

We could not pass up the opportunity to visit to Córdoba while in Andalusia region. It was about a 3 hour drive from Malaga. We set off early in the morning to drive there. I was excited to visit the Cathedral of Córdoba (formerly a mosque). It was the main reason why I wanted to visit Córdoba.
We parked a bit far from the city centre so we walked along the Roman bridge to enter the old town. 
I really liked strolling around the Old Town and looking at the interesting buildings and orange trees. Up next will be all about the Cathedral. 

I'm going to enjoy my last week of summer and I hope you do too! Planning a road trip with my fave boys. Have a fantastic Labour Day weekend everyone!!!


  1. That is such a wonderful location. I'm seriously getting wander lust, darling.

  2. Your road trip instagrams look great! I'd love to wander amongst the orange trees here. :)


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