Nerja - Balcon de Europa

August 2, 2013

Not the best weather but still a beautiful view

We took our fist day trip to Nerja. Thanks to Nicole's post about it, I decided it was worth a visit. It was about a 45 minute drive from Malaga so it was really really close. We left before lunch time and got there when it started raining. After looking for parking for 15 minutes, we walked to the city centre when it started pouring. We had to seek shelter from a restaurant to wait out the rain.
It was raining heavily so we decided to have a snack at the restaurant while we waited for the rain to stop. One hot chocolate and sandwich later, the rain stopped and we walked around to find balcon de Europa.
Rain clouds
We didn't have the best weather but we made the best of it. Next time, I'm coming back in the summer so I can fully enjoy the view and the stunning ocean. 

Next up, I will post about our trip to one of the "white villages" in the region. Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Those Pictures ARE Beautiful. It’s amazing with the everyday ho hum, that if we open our eyes and explore, we’ll see such beauty.
    Thanks so much for sharing From Citizen watch

  2. Wow, even with the rain this place looks amazing.

  3. This place is seriously stunning. I'm having traveller's itch.


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