Sagres Part II

July 9, 2013

Toronto had a record breaking rainfall yesterday that caused flooding at some parts of the city and crippling our subway system and highway. Thankfully, I was not affected by the flooding and some friends only lost power for a couple of hours.

Now let's get back to Sagres...
It was now time to go down the winding road to reach the sea. It was a dizzying ride down from above but it was worth it. We had the entire place to us as it was off-season. The weather was a perfect blend of sun and wind.
The ocean breeze was a nice welcome as well as the strong waves battering the rocks. I had so much fun climbing the rocks and just listening to the sound of the ocean.


  1. How scary with the flooding! Glad you are safe. The colors in these photos are unreal! Truly breathtaking.


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