At home in Malaga

July 18, 2013

Spain is absolutely my favourite country! I was so excited to explore the Andalusia region this time around having been to Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia in the past. 
We wanted to explore the region but have a home base from all our day trips. We picked Malaga as our base and we rented an apartment through Airbnb.
From Faro, we drove all the way to Malaga. It was about a 6 hour drive by car.  I enjoyed the scenery and passing through mountains and a whole lot of bridges. It was an easy drive even without using a GPS. We just relied on our map to get to Spain.
But once in Malaga, we got lost looking for our street with all the one way streets and barely there signs. Thankfully, we found our apartment after half an hour. Parking on the other hand was a nightmare but it all worked out in the end. 

Our Airbnb host was amazing. He gave us tips on where to go around the region and where to go in Malaga. It was a perfect start to our trip plus we had a great apartment as well!
One of the things I enjoy when I go on vacation and renting an apartment is grocery shopping. We had an Eroski close to our apartment so our first order of business was to get groceries. It was so much fun looking at different produce and drooling over jamon and chorizo.
Our first day in Spain was spent making food and relaxing in our apartment. The next day, it was a nice sunny day so we went out to explore the city. We browsed through different shops but ended up at Paseo del Parque. It felt like heaven with the beautiful flowers and trees. 
 beautiful fountains


  1. Wow, Great account! love it. absolute, a beautiful pictures gallery, looking great heritage.
    but I have a wonder account about India's heritage sites. I'm sure that you would love it and excited for visit in India.

  2. I definitely need to tell my parents to check out Malaga. It looks stunning. And airbnb is pretty genius for finding apartments. I used it for LA and was so glad we avoided the exorbitant fees. And cooking at home and eating breakfast in the kitchen were the best parts!


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