2012 Review

December 10, 2012

Now that it's December and work is overloading. I can barely find time to compose a proper blog post due to overwhelming amount of work load and very very long hours. I am exhausted by the time I come home from work but it's ok because the year is almost over and I can hopefully plan a trip for winter! Crossing my fingers on this one so until it happens I won't talk about it.

2012 was a great year. I was feeling much healthier and I went to South America finally! 

-The year started in Cartagena, Colombia. I explored the Old Town, ate empanada's, visited a mud volcano, and shopped for too many pairs of shoes.

-Went to Boston for a weekend in April. It was cold.

-Spent the long weekend with my best friends in Montreal. We partied, ate too much deli, and explored the Botanical Garden.

-Labour day long weekend was spent in Prince Edward County. I went wine tasting, exploring the Taste Trail, and tanning at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

-For Thanksgiving, my mother and I spent 8 days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  We tanned, climbed a ruin, visited a mayan village, and I played bocci.

I hope 2013 will be filled with more adventures!!


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