Prince Edward County Wineries - Part 3

September 26, 2012

Part 3 of my wine tasting tour. We wanted to take it easy wine tasting before heading home.
Our first stop for the day was Waupoos winery. This is where I finally fell in love with rosé.
The winery ground was immaculate. This reminds me of the wineries at Niagara-on-the-lake. It's very pristine.
The winery also has an in house restaurant. Unfortunately, we didn't end up having lunch here but it was pretty full when we walked by.
What I liked about the winery was their boutique shop and chocolatier. I ended up buying chocolates and the most delicious maple cookies infused with ice wine. It was really heavenly and thank goodness I bought 2 packages because I was eating it so fast.
When my bf saw the sign for cider, we had to take a detour. I'm not a fan of cider but he wanted to do a tasting so I happily joined him.
We tasted 3 different varieties of cider (cannot remember the names). Most it was quite good except the ice wine. I really dislike anything sweet to drink.

It was such a nice place though and they had an outdoor restaurant. I smelled the pizza when we arrived and I knew we found the place to eat lunch.
The restaurant had a brick oven outside and the pizza was amazing! Photos will follow soon..


  1. this looks and sounds like so much fun! i've gone to some vineyards once, but i would love to do this in italy!

  2. beautiful! where is this? sorry, I am new to your blog!


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