Sandbanks winery

September 16, 2012

One of my main reasons for visiting PEC was the wineries. I started drinking wine a couple of years ago. While at first, I wasn't fond of drinking wine but after a couple of months I significantly started paying more attention to my palette and what I liked about wines. My knowledge in wine making is very minimal. I don't know the difference between the grapes or anything else but I sure can tell you which one's I like to drink.
The Taste of Trail map in PEC is very helpful so be sure to pick up the map or print it. It will show you all the wineries and restaurants in the region. 
I like to drink white wine's in the summer. It has to be very dry. I hate sweet wines because it gives a headache each time I drink something too fruity.
And in the winter time, I like bold and dry reds. I can tell by my first sip if I like a wine or not. This is why I like wine tasting because I don't have to buy the bottle if I don't like the wine.
Sandbanks winery was our first stop for the tasting. I loved the winery grounds and the fact that I can taste wines outside their gazebo/porch. Also loved their colourful muskoka chairs.
Since it was still summer, I tasted whites instead of reds. My mind just couldn't wrap around the thought of fall just yet plus the weather was perfect for a chilled white wine.

I tasted a variety of whites but settled on 2 bottles of Sandbanks Shoreline whites.


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