What I ate: Montreal - Schwartz's deli

August 20, 2012

One of the reasons for our road trip to Montreal was to eat and specifically at Schwartz's deli. My friends were raving about eating smoked meat again. I had some pretty horrible food experiences eating at deli restaurants so I was skeptical and frankly I wanted to skip eating here altogether but my friends convinced me to try it at least. 

I have heard that people line up for hours just to eat at the restaurant so I was dreading it already. When we arrived, there was a small line forming outside the restaurant already. We waited for about 15 minutes before getting a table inside. By the time we got our table, the line up was getting longer and longer. 

The restaurant is really small but thankfully they added a take-out store next door which offers ready-made food and vacuum sealed smoked meat packages. If you want to avoid the line up at the restaurant and want a quick bite then head straight there. 

I was starving by the time we were seated. The wait was not long but it felt like eternity for me.  I made a mistake of ordering pastrami sandwich (who does that at a smoked meat resturant!?!? the horrror!!!) but thankfully our very helpful server made a deal with me. He told me he will bring me a smoked meat sandwich and if I don't like it, he can bring me a pastrami sandwich for no extra charge. I agreed! and oh boy the smoked meat sandwich was heavenly! I was so happy after taking my first bite that my crankiness went away. 

My friends of course ordered the largest size meat plate to devour. I cannot compete with their appetites.
We we're all smiling after our meal. It was definitely worth the wait. The service was fantastic! The servers were very very helpful. I would go back to Schwartz's every time I go to Montreal.

photos by me and G


  1. that looks like a delicious old fashioned deli. no silly business. just the good stuff

  2. Thank you! I'm using blogger template but I customized a lot of things. I made the header and everything is still a work in progress. Learning a lot of photoshop lately.


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