Montreal Botanical Garden - Chinese Garden Part 1

August 23, 2012

On our last day in Montreal, we decided to visit the Montreal Botanical Garden. I have been to a couple of botanical gardens but nothing prepared me for the vastness, stunning architecture, and the variety of plants/flowers I was about to see.

We started our tour in the Chinese Garden. I thought we would see a couple of plants and that's it but look at what we found! I love the fact that they incorporated Chinese style buildings. It was heaven for me to photograph.

photos by me and G


  1. Nice blog! You make me miss Montreal so much.....

  2. wow very beautiful! I've been to Montreal so many times before but never visited this place..

  3. These are gorgeous--I should definitely visit. Haven't been up that way in ages (my awful French always deters me).3

  4. Tess - Everyone speaks English in Montreal. I don't speak French and I got around just fine. You should go!

  5. Interesting architecture, I'm inviting to my blog:)


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