Monte Sacro Restaurant

February 21, 2012

great interior!
 pretty cool coffee maker

I got hungry after walking around the Old Town so lunch was on my mind. We found a restaurant overlooking Plaza Bolivar with a very lovely balcony. I couldn't resist.

Food: the ceviche was really good! It had a punch! but unfortunately the shrimp with rice lacked flavour.

Drinks: a thoroughly enjoyed the well made mojito!

Service: the servers were friendly but service was slow because they only had 2 waitstaff.

Decor: Very beautiful and I loved the view from the balcony! Perfect for people watching! It was priceless!


  1. This is amazing!

    This post really makes me want to get away! /sigh

  2. gosh, you make me really hungry with these wonderful pics. i would die for some scampis right now. nom nom!


  3. Cool pics! I am a new follower.
    Would you like to follow me back?


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