What I ate: Tapas

March 28, 2011

One of the best things about travelling is tasting different foods around the world. I really love to eat! I make it a point to eat almost everything a country has to offer which sometimes leads to food poisoning (hello Thailand!).
Seafood galore in Valencia! Everything on this plate was delicious!
My very first time eating padron peppers. This was in Valencia, I thought they were going to be spicy but they were not. But when I had them in Barcelona, they were really really spicy, I could not eat them.
Homemade paella. We bought all the ingredients from the market and made our own feast one night in our apartment.
Very tender octopus! I love simple dishes with really good flavours!

I really enjoyed eating out in Spain most especially in Barcelona. My last meal in Barcelona was really memorable. I had dinner at Taller de Tapas and it was heavenly. I enjoyed the food so much I forgot to take photos. Oops!


  1. I absolutely LOVE tapas! We fell in love with them while traveling through Spain a few years ago. They're also really popular in Holland, which was great for us. I love being able to order a bunch of different dishes and try lots of varieties! Beautiful photos too!

  2. OMG-- that all looks soooooo yummy! I miss it!! Could really go for some pulpo right now!

    great pics!


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