What I ate: Osaka

August 13, 2015

This was one of the largest bento I ever received. I thought I was ordering for myself but this looked like it can be shared between two people. The udon itself was a meal for me. I had to share with my dinner companions to finish off this bento. The pork katsu was delicious!

I thought I knew Japanese food when I came to Japan but I was surprised by the variety that I tasted in each city I visited. For example, Osaka is well know for kushikatsu - deep fried meat or vegetables on a stick. It comes with a shareable dipping sauce. No double dipping allowed! It was soo good especially paired with beer of course ;) Definitely a must try when you visit Osaka!
Our very last meal in Osaka was in a small, sleepy area near Kansai Area. We were staying at a airport hotel before our flight to Seoul the next day. We walked around our hotel looking for lunch. Most of the restaurants were closed so we tried asking the locals where to eat. They tried their best to speak to us in English but it was hopeless so we politely nodded and tried to grasp their direction. We chanced upon this small restaurant. There was only a picture on the wall of the exact bento from the picture above. We pointed to the picture and gestured the number 2. This was heaven!! The best tasting unagi of my life. It was about $20 for this bento but it was worth every single bite.


  1. Oh my goodness you are killing me with these food pictures! All my favorites!! :)

  2. I tried learning Japanese once, to try to speak with native speakers. And despite my attempts to continue in Japanese, they always insisted on English. Man, I want to go back. Keep up the good work.



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