Football (soccer) fever

June 16, 2014

 It's that time again, the World Cup! The World Cup fever is here!

My bf is a big football fan so it was no surprise that we had to catch a game when we were in Europe last year. We wanted to watch in Spain but the schedule never aligned with ours. On our last few days in Lisbon, we decided to watch Porto vs. Sporting. We went to the Tourism office and inquired about how to purchase a ticket for the game that night.
We went to the stadium that day and bought our tickets. It was not cheap but definitely worth it for my bf. I was excited for him!
The stadium was huge and it was amazing to experience it live. It was a huge party inside the stadium with people cheering, chanting, and cursing. The energy inside the stadium was contagious!
At some point, I saw smoke bombs inside the stadium. Thankfully, we were in a safe distance from the hooligans.
I learned the hard way that the stadium does not serve alcohol during the game. For very obvious reasons (men + alcohol = sometimes equals a brawl ^^ see above^^). You can either drink water or espresso.
It was an amazing experience and I can only hope that one day I will watch Barcelona live!

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  1. How fun! My family is big into soccer, so they would absolutely love this too!


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