What I ate: Chicago - My first deep dish pizza

June 18, 2013

To be totally honest, one of the reasons I went to Chicago was to eat deep dish pizza. I was watching Food Network a year ago and saw a show featuring this delicious creation and I knew I had to go and try it.
While walking around Michigan Avenue, we ended up at Gino's East. We scored seats outside and had a wonderful server help us navigate the menu. We ended up ordering a medium pizza and we waited for about 40 minutes. It's a good idea to order appetizer because the wait is quite long but it's definitely worth it!
The deep dish pizza is loaded with toppings. I only had 2 pieces of pizza before I gave up eating. I was soo full.

Overall, it was worth a try when your in Chicago. It is after all an original Chicago invention.


  1. Wow, I have got to go to this place next time I am in Chicago.

  2. Oh my goodness. This looks amazing!


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