Oia, Santorini

January 24, 2019 Oia 847 02, Greece

We are in a thick of winter here now in Toronto. Winter is really here because it's been feeling like -20 degrees and more this past weekend. I can't complain because we've been having a mild winter so far. I don't mind the snow and cold at the moment. As long as you dress properly then you won't be cold. Of course, don't stay outdoors for too long so you don't turn into icicles. 

Since, I'm not going on vacation anytime soon. I am reminiscing my trip from Greece. Most especially from Santorini because it was beautiful there.
We took the ferry one way to get to Santorini.
We booked our ferry tickets in advance with Blue Star Ferries and reserved seats on the boat. We woke up very early to get to Piraeus port to pick up our tickets and board the boat.
It was a good idea to reserve seats otherwise you have to find seats outside the deck or inside but it was all full.

Our seats were comfortable and air conditioned. I slept part of the journey since it was about an 8 hour trip. I don't mind the slow way of getting to Santorini. We got to look at some the islands and just traveling by water was relaxing for me. We docked at Paros and Naxos to let people in and out of the boat.

Inside the boat, you can purchase food and drinks inside the boat or you can bring your own.
We stayed in Fira to be close to a lot of attractions. And we found cheaper hotels there than Oia. But you can easily take a day trip to Oia.
The bus to get to Oia can be very crowded and there are no set times for it so you have to be very patient. Otherwise, you can rent a moped/car to get there. Just be careful driving, the roads can sometimes be rough. 
Here it is! Oia! It is absolutely breathtaking!
My pictures do not give Oia justice. It's a really romantic and beautiful place. Every nook and cranny is instagramable ;)
It can be very crowded at times especially when you get the cruise/tour bus crowd but you will find pockets of peace and quiet if you walk outside the main area.
Blue and white combo is the best!
It's fun to get "lost" in Oia. You never know what you will find in each corner.
Seeing bushes of bougainvillea in front of the buildings and houses made me so happy.
We took a break from the heat in this little corner of paradise. A very cute cafe where we enjoyed drinks while overlooking the view of the ocean.


  1. Wow, it looks magical! Exactly the kind of place I would like to get lost in.

    1. I didn't understand the hype of Santorini until I got there. A good place to visit :)

  2. Gee, Santorini looks like a dream! You're so lucky to have visited and my favourite shot would have to be the bougainvillea <3
    ~Weng @ wengiful.com

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