Nativity street in Naples

August 3, 2016

All I bought was one of these fridge magnets. They are sold all over Naples!
Look at the details in those nativity!
This is a really elaborate design.
I wonder how long it takes to create one set of these. Look at those tiny meats and veggies!
This made me laugh so hard!
The celebrity figurines for your non-traditional nativity!
Can you believe that there is a whole street in Naples dedicated to selling Christmas nativity? Via San Gregorio Armeno is where to find this Christmas market. Shop after shop selling nativity trinkets. They sell everything! From small trinkets to over the top displays. I couldn't believe it! 

It was so much fun to walk around and visit each shops. You can even watch the artisans making them. A lot of work goes into creating each figurine. It's so detailed and almost too real! 
And I love that each shop has a different theme. It's not your average nativity set. I love the different themes and how they add humor to some of the pieces.
I wanted to buy everything but the problem was I was too scared it was going to get crushed inside my suitcase. I ended up just taking photos as a souvenir instead of hauling them inside my suitcase.  

The shops are open all year long so you don't have to just visit during the Christmas holidays but I'm sure that would be more fun if you do! I can only imagine what this street looks like during Christmas season. 


  1. I love it! They're really talented. Hope I can visit this place soon. Mahal po ba ang isang set?

    1. It does get pricey depending on how elaborate the set to be. But if you're using it every year then it should justify the cost ;)

  2. Oh, I love collecting Christmas Nativity!

  3. I've always dreamed of coming to Italy and going around Naples as well. These photos just made me crave more for travel! Someday, someday. :)


  4. Oh wow this looks awesome. I can't believe it's open all year round too haha!

    Jane / deluminators

  5. how delightful! i would've gone bonkers! :) and we collect fridge magnets from places we've traveled to! :)

  6. So many cute things to see! I wish I'd gone to Naples when I was traveling through Italy lol
    I think it's pretty neat that even the Christmas shops are open year round. I love Christmas ornaments but I think I'd rather travel when it's warmer than in the cold. I tend to want to inside where it's nice in cozy in the winters lol


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