St. Jacob's County

September 4, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I was craving for a mini road trip. I wanted to get out and escape the noise of the city. We didn't want to drive too far so we decided to go to St. Jacob's County. We went on a Sunday so we (sadly) missed the farmer's market (I heard good things!) but we ended up at the Village and all of the shops were open. 

We went inside the Mill to see the maple syrup making exhibit. They also had a train and quilt exhibit at the same building. We wanted to walk around and browse around the shops. Most of the shops sells clothing and knick knacks. The only interesting shop for me was the broom shop. I bought the cutest mini broom for our kitchen. 

We ended up going on a walking trail just outside the main village. It was about a 3km walk. We saw a lot of people enjoying their walk and most had their dogs with them. At the end of the trail, we saw the dam. It looks like a great fishing and picnic spot. Definitely going back there next year more prepared.

A great way to spend Sunday afternoon! 


  1. it is a great way to spend a sunday afternoon! hope you get to go back for the farmers market!


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